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Our product range includes a wide range of Encyclopedia Of Ethnomedicine Book, Agriculture Book, Encyclopedia Of Global Warming And Environmental Ecosystem, Encyclopedia Of Mahatma Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi and Basics Of Agricultural Economics.

We truly understand that the publishing Industry is about Producing Quality Reading Materials for the masses. That is why we have come up with a Unique Production Programme for all our Learned Distributors/Library Suppliers. You just have to provide us the subject on which you are looking for a book and rest is our job. We shall work out a complete book for you on the same, compose it, design it, print it, bind it and supply the same to you on exclusive basis ( Subject to adherence/acceptance of some of our basic terms). In this way, you will have an exclusive title of your own under your name which shall only be supplied by you.

Amiga Press publishing is a leading independent global publisher of Academic, Professional and Research works and is dedicated to developing collections of titles in various subjects areas such as Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Education, Computer Science, Mathematics, Biography, Library Science, Fisheries, Biofuels, Bio-Science, Ayurveda, Geology, Anthropology, Medical Science, Psychology, Tourism, Agriculture, Women Studies, Veterinary Science, Soil Science and Humanities. We offer scholarly content to student and academic researchers with a focus on first- class production, and are committed to publishing innovative and informative books written and edited by international renowned professionals in their fields.

We would be soon a world’s leading publishers in Science and Technology and we are coming with a new range of publications with great new titles with known authors from India and Internationally, Amiga Press is committed to publishing a range of superior Academic Books from today’s leading experts. Our Authors are experts in their respective fields, allowing us to extend to readers the excellence in learning they require.

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